7 Proven Marketing Strategies to build Massive Leads!

7 Proven Marketing Strategies to build Massive Leads!

Introducing entrepreneurs to the 30,000 Ft view of 7 key marketing strategies to build leads

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what 7 vital marketing parts are that will help them build massive leads
  • Market their business through multiple platforms
  • Decide which platform they should build first
  • Create a freebie or a give away to build a database
  • Know the difference between these 7 strategies
  • Start to plan and prioritize the 7 strategies


  • Willingness to learn
  • Open to try new things
  • Wanting to grow their business


Seven Proven Marketing Strategies that have been tested often that build massive leads

Randi Goodman is your program leader

  1. Websites and Landing Pages
  2. Optins
  3. Giveaways
  4. Affiliates & Leveraging
  5. Joint Ventures
  6. Podcasting
  7. Book Writing and Publishing

About your program leader Randi Goodman

Where do I begin, to tell the story of the girl I used to know … 

By education, I am a 4th level CMA, wanted to be a lawyer, then a rock star, then so many things afterwards. Before I got married, my father told me after the honeymoon, I will come and take over the family business that my grandfather started and my father left a very high cushy job in New York to come build that family business, for my grandmother.

I was in charge of proving that the current General Manager was stealing from the company while taking over the accounting department; and learning all about the manufacturing/retail business that was holding a $6M contract with the City of Toronto. I managed to prove fraud and the GM left.

There I was, strong, now the new General Manager.

… and didn’t know the first thing about manufacturing a bed!So what did I do?

I went to the back and asked the guys to teach me how to make a bed. Yes, even ‘show me how to use that big machine!’ They were shocked! There was I, in my little mini skirt, high heels and using a huge table machine to make a bed. Well I learned really quickly, all about manufacturing beds, running an office, taking over the accounting, running a delivery crew, having regular weekly meetings and dealing with a large contract as well as our private retail customers who came to us for their custom made high quality beds.

Through those years I learned more than many do in a business lifetime. I was very lucky. I contracted and was controller for a couple of companies, then made the decision to stay home and make babies. I did keep a business on the side to keep my brain in the mix and went forward to have 4 beautiful baby boys!

Yes, it was a very busy household!

I got involved in a charity geared to people who had been abused as children and was on the committee and chaired for 8 years during my marriage. I absolutely love the event side and organizing with a great team of people. I also got involved in the kids school BBQ which used to be a small BBQ with no activities. My team and I created a huge Fun Fair which involved the community of over 500 in attendance every year, I ran that for about 4 years then stepped down to allow someone else to run it. I loved creating and organizing events and I was good at it!

My oldest was an energizer bunny, thank goodness he slept a lot! My second was the opposite and wondered when he was ever going to walk so I didn’t have to carry him all the time. My third was as stubborn as a mule and didn’t know how to follow any instructions. Our fourth was so easy and laid back, he would go anywhere with me, never complaining, just happy to go, but don’t be fooled, he was a ball of energy himself!

Well, that’s how the story begins. Over the years of their growth, and not being one who is in denial, I recognized any issues as they were happening and sought the appropriate help right away. We eventually found that all of our children were identified with something, whether it was under the spectrum, ###strong or Dyslexia, they all had something that made them extra special. They are now all teenagers and are absolutely wonderful human beings. They accept everyone with open arms, they are loving, caring and very giving. They are my life, my heart and joy.

My marriage/companionship with my husband lasted 19 years and ended a few years ago. We have remained amicable and work well together when anything has to do with the children. We wanted to make sure that our children did not suffer through a separation because we could not be together anymore. Our children are well grounded and happy and  go back and forth with ease.

Once separated, I had to jump back into the work force but really didn’t know where I wanted to begin. I did know that giving up was not an option, and that I would re-build my life again, so to show my children that I love so much to NEVER GIVE UP and that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

I love developing and offering events. Randi Goodman

Who this course is for:

  • You have a mature business
  • You’re starting a business
  • You’re growing your business
  • You want to develop your marketing
  • You want to develop your sales funnel and create more leads with proven techniques
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