Build Ecommerce Website by React & Redux in One hour

Build Ecommerce Website by React & Redux in One hour

Empower your React & Redux knowledge

What you’ll learn

  • Making Ecommerce website
  • Using twitter bootstrap
  • Developing with Reactjs
  • Understanding Redux in action


  • React Basics like components, JSX, state and props are enough.


This course let you gets your hand dirty by creating a simple shopping cart with React components. Soon you will find out how hard it is to manage states between nested React components. Here is where Redux comes into picture and let you move data and UI states to Redux store from react components. You will be able to do all the boilerplates to change a React Application to React&Redux application and implement different actions like fetching product from Restful API, adding items to cart, removing items from cart and etc with Redux.

Download Source Code, Presentations and Demo from Lecture 1 Introduction.Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Javascript developers
  • Software engineers
  • Programming Students
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