Intermediate English Course – Get Fluent in English

Intermediate English Course – Get Fluent in English

Efforltess intermediate English Grammar and Expressions to help you speak English fluently and with confidence.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Conditional Tense in English correctly
  • To infinitive or ing Grammar Rules
  • Everything you need to know about English possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns
  • Modal Verbs and how to use them in English Grammar
  • What’s the difference between USED TO and WOULD
  • How to use prefixes and suffixes in English
  • How to use demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives
  • What is the difference between ON TIME and IN TIME


  • You should already have completed elementary level of English
  • You want to speak English fluently and confidently
  • You don’t believe that you can speak fluent English within a week


Dear English Learner,

Intermediate English Course is taught by me, Harry, the native English speaker. Over 23,700 studentshave already enrolled in my courses. Don’t feel left out, join today and learn English Harry’s way!

Elementary and beginner students should avoid enrolling in this course.

Why do you need to enrol in Intermediate English course?

  • simple and easy intermediate English grammar explanations
  • plenty of examples to help you better understand English expressions
  • easy to follow English learning videos (neutral English accent)
  • practical activities and additional learning material to download for free

English for Intermediate Level course will help you:

  • improve your English speaking, English writing and communication
  • enrich your English vocabulary
  • speak better English with confidence

At the end of English for Intermediate course you should be able to:

  • use correctly English possessive adjectives and pronouns
  • understand word formation in English
  • form comparatives and superlatives in English
  • understand modals in English grammar
  • put together sentences with conditional tenses – zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional and third conditional
  • say no in English in formal and informal ways
  • know the difference between ON TIME and IN TIME and other English expressions with TIME



What else will you get?


  • Personal contact with me, your English Teacher
  • 11 Quizzes and 1 Practice Test
  • English Grammar Rules downloadable pdf sheets
  • Downloadable MP3s
  • Future course updates


What do students say about my other English courses?


Anthony Joseph: “The best class i ever attended online. I don’t think there is any better way to explain the subject than this. there is clear sequence and method and never boring. Would love to do more and more”

Isabelle Gautier: “The explanations are very clear. A responsive teacher. I highly recommend this course. Thanks a lot for these new addenda.”

Igor Vicković: “He explain good, rationally and repeated several times.”


  • This course is not suitable for beginners.
  • You don’t believe that you can achieve fluency in English within a month
  • You are preparing for IELTS, PET, FCE, KET, CAE and other English proficiency exams
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