Leadership Development:Ready To Use Tools to lead Your Team

Leadership Development:Ready To Use Tools to lead Your Team

Managing your team’s HEARTS and HEADS

What you’ll learn

  • Know the differences between a Working Team and a Working Group
  • Build more engagements in your team
  • Set a common business goal with your team
  • Create a constructive feedback-loop in your team
  • Teach your team how to deal with negative comments


  • No knowledge & tools required
  • Be willing to lead your team’s hearts and heads
  • Take this course with an open heart : )


Hi my UDEMY friends and welcome to my course. Since you are interested in the course. I assume that you are already leading a team or at least being an active team member that really wants to develop the team. I know that leading the team is a challenging task and seeing you interested in the course to develop your team, somehow tells me that you are a real team player. I don’t know what your business is and I don’t know who do you work with but I can say that they are pretty lucky to have you in the team because you are the kind of person that really cares about the happiness of the team as well as the business performance : )

Upon finishing the course you will be able to:
-Lead your team to be more connected and engaged
-Set and align your business goal with your team
-Create a constructive feedback-loop in your team
-Teach your team how to deal with painful direct negative feedback
-Build trust and become the go-to person to your team members

I design my course to be as practical as possible, in each chapter I will also give you some tips and examples from my experiences on how to use those tools effectively in real life. I have not only used these tools in my business teams but I have applied them with my friends and family as well, so I would say the course will be useful for any one who is leading or willing to lead, for the betterment, of their teams and loved ones.

If you are ready to begin your leadership journey, welcome to my course!Who this course is for:

  • A great team leader who are passionate on boosting both productivity and happiness in your team
  • An entrepreneur who faces team management problems every single day
  • Anybody who wants to create a happy and productive working environment
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