Stress Bring it ON !

Stress Bring it ON !

A short course for young people to help deal with stress and anxiety

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding stress
  • Learning how to use your stress
  • Learning how to turn off stress


  • Access to a computer or phone with sound available
  • A quiet room with peace and quiet for 5 minutes


This course  helps young people to learn about stress and how to manage it. It can be done using your phone in the privacy of your home.

It  can also be used by parents to do with younger children or used by teachers in school to help young people deal with anxiety and stress (especially around exams).

This short course  helps to understand the biology of stress and how to use stress and how to turn it off when you don’t need it.

This course was written and designed by secondary school pupils in collaboration with the Centre for Mindfulness Based Work and Research, UK.

Who this course is for:

  • Young people who want to learn to manage stress and anxiety
  • Parents who would like to help their children learn stress and anxiety management techniques
  • Teachers wanting a resource to teach anxiety and stress management
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