Successful cross-cultural management

Successful cross-cultural management

How to manage successfully people from different backgrounds? What to take into account when teaming up?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn new management skills: design thinking, total quality management, lean management
  • Get strategic view to management: SWOT analysis, balanced scorecard
  • Helpful techniques for managing different cultures: linear responsibility chart, feedback, norms and rules
  • Useful templates and tools for management: value stream mapping, change readiness survey
  • New ways of thinking for solutions: AIDA approach, knowledge sharing spiral
  • Better manager principles to follow


  • Document templates need office software
  • Open mind for new techniques


It can be difficult to meet new people, get to know about culture and be in new situations. Cross-cultural management isn’t the hottest topic, but it’s something we are constantly working in. We are no longer in one location, we come from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. People also move to new locations.

Take this course to be ready for your next position. Take this course to understand people.

During the course you will be given management tools, techniques and strategic  perspective for cross-cultural management. You’re not only learning to understand, but also to make next movement fast in cross-cultural environment. While you take these lectures, you will get to know more and more about the differences and how you should manage it out.

Take this course to learn how to manage. Take this course to have new mindset, strategy in mind.

I will give you not only theories, but also teach you practice in different countries. You will see how countries with different history have affections to current culture, management and communication. Combined by effective tools, you learn to how deal with people and structures. You must be better in understanding, but also in putting yourself into new situations. Be more open.

Take this course to learn about culture. Take this course to get keen on new ways to do things.

The course has all you need to be a next generation cross-cultural manager

1. Methodology – as a key to start

2. Tools and practice – to become better

3. Examples – to understand more

4. Tips – not to fail

5. Background – as a context.

It’s your decision point. Think wise!

Who this course is for:

  • Managers of all experiences
  • Future leaders for any size of team
  • People working in cross-cultural environment
  • Person in a challenge for working with different nationalities
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