Why having a “niche” in a business is not enough

Why having a “niche” in a business is not enough

Establish a monopoly, not just picking a niche

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a monopoly.
  • What a monopoly is.
  • How to appeal to new kinds of audiences yet retain your identity and connection with your original customers.
  • How to pivot and wiggle your business successfully.
  • The problem with just picking a “niche”.


  • Have a dropshipping business
  • Have started a business before.
  • Want to start a business.
  • What to add 10x more value than your competition/


This course is all about creating a monopoly in your business as opposed to just picking and working with a niche.

  1. Problems with niche. Why a niche is not always enough.
  2. Don’t think niche, but think monopoly. How easy it is to create a monopoly in business.
  3. 3 Kinds of customers. Attract, persuade and polarise.
  4. Creating a chain of discovery. Appealing to new audiences without losing the connection with your original audience and customers.
  5. Reducing the cost of discovery for your audience. Thee are things you take for granted, yet your audience (knowingly or not) are desperate to know.

This course is for those entrepreneurs that want to grow their business, or have just started their first drop shipping venture, or perhaps about to start their first ever venture.

Course icon created by Maxim Kulikov from Noun Project.

Who this course is for:

  • Just started as an entrepreneur.
  • Those that are well experienced in business.
  • If you recognize the value in having a monopoly.
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